Interviewer: Kyle Wilson.

A quick fire Q&A with upcoming electronica act Roy’s Iron DNA. The Berwick-upon-Tweed based band have worked with Stanley Odd, Atom Tree and Discopolis on their latest release and have toured with Lo-Fidelity Allstars and The Go! Team. Find out about their tour of Germany, new releases and summer festivals. 

How long have you been performing and writing music for? 

As a band, we have been writing and performing for around 5 years maybe, but in previous bands that we have performed in with each other it probably more like 10!

Has it always been the same line-up or has it changed over the years?

The lineup has changed from when Roys first started, and currently, Ian and Brendan are the only original members. So a fairly dramatic change


Why did you choose the name Roy’s Iron DNA?

The name is actually an anagram of the bands very first line-up of Ian and Luke Mallet way back when they were called Ordinaryson and were testing the Edinburgh music scene. Ordinaryson eventual spawned into an alternative band consisting of 3 quarters of Roys to cater for the more acoustic side of Ian’s music.

Your first album was out in 2007 was it hard to get back into the swing of things for the 2013 album release?

There has been a bit of a gap but I think once the band actually got formed, the tracks and gigs came fairly quickly although we don’t do as many live shows as we really should. Getting the actual album together and mixed then released took a little longer as these things take time and when you want to do an official release, you have to be completely happy with the result because there is no changing it.

The remix album that went alongside the latest album had some great names on it, how did that come about?

The remix album was funded almost completely by Creative Scotland, to whom we are forever grateful, and we had one track remixed by our buddy Mr.Skwrl who just stumbled upon track stems that we had on Soundcloud. So he sent us back the remix of Sunshine, which is an absolute beaut! More collabs in the post with that fella we hope! But the rest of it was just really researching Scottish artists who we are fans of and who also have a similar appeal to Roys.

How was your first tour of Europe?

The tour was absolutely 5*. We loved every second and we are currently in the planning stages of the next one! The Germans know how its done, and we were treated like royalty the whole time we were there. So definitely heading back.

Have you been playing any festivals this year?

This year we have done Feugo A La Isla in Chemnitz, Germany which was brilliant. We also did Audio Soup which was new to us and being so close, we hope to do again next year. Another great up and coming grassroots festival full of lovely people and set in the beautiful Scottish Borders. We got to show ourselves that we are for sure a late night party band, taking to the stage at 02.30am and still keeping the crowd dancing.

Any more plans for going on the road again in the future?

The next tour plans are being drawn up at Castle Roy as we speak but no confirmation on exact dates yet. We do hope it will be a spring tour so we can soak up some sweet Euro sun. And we shall be putting a lot more energy into perfecting the set once we have nailed this album.

What’s been your favourite gig to date and why?

Always a tough one, but I think maybe Chapeau Rouge in Prague on the first night of the tour was right up there. It was a Wednesday night in May and we went on stage in front of our managing guru Alan, and the sound engineer from the venue. Expecting that this would be a warm-up for the rest of the tour, after the first tune the room filled up very quickly with a very appreciative crowd so we went for it! The buzz was unreal afterwards and took the edge off the tour nerves!

Any plans for a new album or is that kept under wraps for now?

We have no exact official date set for the album release yet as there are still some tweaks on-going with the production process and we have something quite special up our sleeves that is taking a little bit of work but you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out what’s going on in Roytown! So do thatRight nowAnd we will catch you on the digital flip side