by Kyle Wilson.

It took a lot to resist using a deer pun in the title… If lo-fi garage sound is your cup of tea then Deers will go down well. “Bamboo” and “Trippy Gum” are the two tracks on one of the best demos I’ve heard this year. After less than 10 minutes of music, the Spanish four-piece are already making quite a name for themselves. I caught them between shows, on the road earlier on this week, to find out a bit more.

How did you guys get together, were there always four of you?

Hi! Haha, no and that is by far the most confusing thing about Deers, so it’s perfect it’s the first question. We used to only be a duo, Carlotta and Ana, we started all this mess. Even in the DEMO we were only a duo. Ana played the bass and Carlotta played the drums, that’s why in the videos we are about that. But finally now we are four and we all love pasta!

Why did you pick Deers as your band name?

Because of the horns… It’s a Spanish expression related to lovers and private affairs.

This could be embarrassing, what did you grow up listening to?

Man, we’re still growing up! But when we were even younger, we were kind of freaks listening to a mix between disco music, hip hop and hours of old 60’s music of our parents. Well, also Britney Spears.

Your demo sounds really raw , why did you decide to make lo-fi sounding music?

That wasn’t a decision, that’s the way we could do it! We didn’t have money to pay for a super studio and we have to admit we didn’t prepare the recording thing as people usually do… We first record the guitars and the drums were the last thing, so that’s why it sounds kind of messy, but we like it!

Did you write and record ‘Bamboo’ in one afternoon session or is that an internet myth?

Don’t believe in everything you read about Bamboo. It’s true we recorded Bamboo and Trippy Gum in only one afternoon, but they were already written.

Are you going to be releasing and EP or album soon or is that all hush hush?

YES! We are releasing a new single before the summer ends and we want to record an album or EP before the year ends! That’s our ideal plan.

Got any plans to play in Scotland in the future?

Of course mate, don’t even doubt about it!

What bands are you listening to at the minute?

We just keep falling in love with TY Segall, Mac Demarco, Dead Ghosts, Black Lips, Growlers, Parrots and Shannon & The Clams… Again and again and again . We are very loving people you know.

Just before you head off, what’s your been your favourite gig so far and why?

Hmm there are different answers for that question. The London one was so good, charming and special, but the one in Berlin was the funniest.. The one in Benidorm that we played wearing swimming suits and there was free drinks for everybody. We can’t agree on which one was the perfect one you know? But every time we will try our best to get it!

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